Sunday, January 8, 2012

JSawyer.esp - v2

A little while back, I released a mod for Fallout: New Vegas.  I made a few errors and omissions in the process. I think I've addressed the majority of them.  Below is the list of new changes (vs. the initial release).  As before, the mod can be downloaded here:

v2 Changes:

* Logan's Loophole modified to cut the player's advancement off at 20th level. I know that ruins the reference but...
* Broad Daylight level prereq from 36 to 24, Sneak 70 prereq added
* Certified Tech level prereq from 40 to 24, Sneak 90 prereq added
* Just Lucky I'm Alive, Thought You Died, Ain't Like That Now prereqs from 50 to 34.
* Gum Drops from 1.0 to 0.25 weight.
* Bubblegum from 1.0 to 0.1 weight. Wow!

* Reverted XP halving to address more comprehensively through iXPBase and iXPBumpBase
* iXPBase set to 275 (from 200) & iXPBumpBase set to 200 (from 150) - Increasing required XP by a little more than 1/3.
* Lowered base player HP (before any bonuses) from 100 to 50.
* Reverted fPCBaseHealthMult change as it had no obvious effect.
* Lowered fADVHealthEnduranceMult from 15 to 10.
* Vanilla F:NV HP formula: 100 + (End * 20) + ([Level - 1] * 5) -- JSawyer HP formula: 50 + (End * 10) + ([Level - 1] * 5)
* Sierra Madre Martini HP bonus dropped from 75 to 40.

* Adjusted Dale Barton's, Lacey's, and Little Buster's Caravan decks.
* Reduced weight of non-Salisbury Steaks (Coyote, Dog, Gecko) from 1.0 to 0.8
* Switched all Pre-Order items to be sold at Chet's store.  Nothing is given to the player outside of what Doc Mitchell hands him or her.
* Switched all Pre-Order message boxes to corner messages.
* Unique Pre-Order item prices raised to slightly above their non-unique counterparts.
* Mercenary's Grenade rifle weight dropped from 5.5 to 5, health bumped from 100 to 120.
* Mod slots removed from Weathered 10mm Pistol.
* Metal Armor and Lightweight Metal armor Health set to 200.
* All Raider armor weights dropped from 15 to 7.5.

* Merc Outfits all given two bonuses: one weapon skill at +10, one non-weapon at +5.  The exception is Merc Charmer: three non-com at +5.
* Normal Merc Outfits all given 3 DT.
* "Unique" versions have "Reinforced" added to front of name.  Value from 50 to 1200, DT set to 8.
* Raider armors all given misc bonuses.  Unique versions have those bonuses + weapon skill bonuses.
* Leather and Reinforced Leather Armor weights dropped from 15 to 9.  Gecko-Backed to 9.5.
* Raider armor healths dropped from 100 to 75.
* Adventurer: +5 Science, +10 Energy Weapons
* Charmer: +5 Barter, +5 Speech, +5 Medicine
* Cruiser: +10 Melee Weapons, +5 Sneak
* Grunt: +10 Guns, +5 Repair
* Troublemaker: +5 Lockpick, +10 Explosives
* Veteran: +5 Survival, +10 Unarmed
* Painspike: +3 Critical Chance
* Sadist: +15 Health
* Badlands: +10 Action Points
* Blastmaster: +20 Fire Resist
* Sharp-Dressed Raider's Armor: +3 Crit, +10 Guns
* Hand-Me-Down Raider Armor: +15 Health, +10 Melee
* Highway Scar Armor: +20 Fire Resist, +10 Explosives
* Psycho-Tic Helmet: +5 AP
* Arclight Helmet: +10 Fire Resist
* Blastmaster Helmet: +10 Explosives
* Wastehound Helmet: +10 Radiation Resist
* Bogeyman's Hood: +15 Radiation Resist
* The Devil's Pigtails: +8 AP
* Pyro Helmet: +15 Explosives
* All unique Merc and Raider armors and helmets added to Mick's store
* Emily Ortal's dialogue fixed so the 6 PE check is run on the Courier. Now you too can know the gross sexual history of Emily Ortal.
* Removed pic of VAULT MOM AND DAD from Vault 21.
* Metal Armors from 30 to 20 weight.
* Gecko-Backed from 33/35 to 23.
* Lightweight Metal Armor (Pre-Ord) to 15 weight.
* Most Medium armor weights lowered.
* Armor of the 87th Tribe weight lowered to 25 lbs.
* Armored Jumpsuits to 8 weight.
* Sierra Madre armor to 8 weight, Reinforced to 9.5
* MM Scout Armor to 7 weight.
* Vault 34 Security Armor to 9.5 weight.
* Lobotomite Jumpsuit to 5 weight.
* Hazmat Suit to 8 weight.
* Assassin Suit to 8 weight.
* Chinese Stealth Armor weight to 7, bonus to Sneak now +25.

* Created WithAmmo forms for the 5.56mm Pistol and Battle Rifle.
* Placed 5.56mm Pistol and Battle Rifle on various drop lists.
* Apocalypse Gladiator Armor DR from 0 to 17.  Weight to 22.  VAL to 3500.
* Apocalypse Gladiator Helmet VAL to 700.
* Shellshocked Combat Armor and Helmet revised.
* Road Rascal Leather Armor revised.
* Wanderer's Leather revised.
* All-Purpose Science Suit weight from 2 to 6.
* Followers Lab Coat given 8 DT.  VAL from 16 to 1000.  "Reinforced" added to the end of the string.
* Recon Armors given +15 Sneak.  Christine's COS Recon Armor given +20 Sneak.  Recon Armor effect string renamed to "Recon Armor".
* Metal Armor -1 AG enchantment replaced with -15 Sneak enchantment.
* Salvaged NCR Power Armor given -10 Sneak instead of -1 AG
* Power Armor Training carry weight bonuses halved from old (mod) values.
* Commando Armor revised to be Metal Armor, Reinforced with a +20 Sneak bonus.
* Shellshocked Combat Armor + Helmet and Composite Recon Armor + Helmet added to Nellis munitions vendor.
* Other unique metal/leather/raider/merc armors split between Cliff Briscoe and Mick.
* .308, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum drop rates increased in Military Footlockers in Old World Blues.
* Flamer Fuel weights halved.
* (GRA) suffix removed from all GRA ammo subtypes.
* (GRA) suffix removed from GRA weapons that have base game equivalents (e.g. Baseball Bat)
* All standard weapons with moddable GRA equivalents given all GRA mods.
* Instances of standard Assault Carbine Mags and 12.7mm Silencers removed/replaced with GRA equivalents.
* Weapons (now) lacking GRA suffixes removed from the Master of the Arsenal challenge weapon list.
* Weapons like the Battle Rifle, Bozar, Katana, Tin Grenade, etc. retain the (GRA) suffix for challenge/achievement/trophy purposes.
* Fixed incorrect icons for Ballistic Fist, Displacer Glove/Pushy, and Zap Glove/Paladin Toaster


Anonymous said...

NV was the best game of 2011.

Anonymous said...

Scratch that, it came out in 2010. Just goes to show how bad 2011 was for gaming.

Anonymous said...

F:NV was the best game of 2010.

F:NV with the DLC was the best game of 2011.

I only wish I had the PC version so I could play this mod...

Anonymous said...

F3:NV was OK, a solid 6/10 effort.

The best game of 2010 was Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Not far behind you'd find BF:BC2.

Oh and the best game of 2011 was The Witcher 2.

Bishop said...

Hi, i've got the mod installed and at the end of my load order, but the new level cap of cap doesnt seem to be working.

Bishop said...

the level cap of 35 i mean.

Anonymous said...

Amnesia - boring dark chambers & pseudo-horror ambient sound.
BF: BC2 - one more FPS from dice conveyor.
Witcher 2 - GOTY? u'r joking? I droped this film in lees then hower.

Bishop said...

Also, the pre-order items in chets store disappear after a short period of time. Since caps are more difficult to aquire now they are removed before you can afford them.
Really am enjoying this play through with your mod, hoping you keep updating it.

Treyster said...

I'd argue Deus Ex: HR is my personal RPG GOTY/GOTY for 2011. But Skyrim isn't far from being an also good choice, and good game.

I was impressed by strides and think it brings BGS in the right track after Morro/Obliv/FO3 although a ton of improvement is still needed in RPG mechanics and writing(I won't take off points for simple quests/barely any consequences because TES games have been structured like that since Arena. It seems BGS has split Fallout to be the more "in-depth" IP to differentiate both franchises mechanics. No surprise since virtually all RPGs are influenced by Black Isle works. And it does help FO stand out.)

So in a way I don't have a GOTY. Enjoyed both, but Deus Ex gets brownie points. As for Witcher 2, never was impressed by the games ala Mass Effect/2 as their barely RPGs but nonetheless enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

FYI: The original Logan's Run Book was actually age 21. They made it 30 for the movie. So you could make it 21 and still have it be the proper reference (as well as fitting your new balance)

Jeoshua said...
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NV was the best game of 2011.