Monday, January 30, 2012

JSawyer.esp - v3

I had hoped to tackle some of the more difficult bugs for this version, but my lack of scripting ability proved to be troublesome.  I will likely not be able to update the mod again before Ultimate Edition comes out, so unfortunately some of the issues like Chet's store refreshing/clearing the Courier's Stash items won't be addressed in time.

I will likely make one more update after this, but because some of the bugs I'd like to address are more difficult to fix, it may be a while before that update is ready.

As before, the mod is here:

v3 Changes:
* Sturdy Caravan Shotgun added to ShotgunSurgeonWeaponsList
* Super Slam, Piercing Strike, Unstoppable Force, Slayer set to have OR conditionals for equivalent Unarmed or Melee Weapon skill levels.
* Lead Belly now negates ST penalty from eating raw meat (of all kinds).
* IsHardcore condition on raw meat ST reduction removed.  This means you will always suffer ST loss from eating raw meat unless you have Lead Belly.
* Ninja now adds 15% to Critical Hit Chance with Melee/Unarmed (instead of multiplying by 1.15).  Prereq allows Melee Weapons or Unarmed to qualify.
* Lady Killer and Cherchez La Femme damage bonuses increased from 10% to 15% due to proportionally lower numbers of female characters in the game.
* Demolition Expert now has only 2 ranks.  Each rank grants +10% damage and +10% larger explosion radius.  Don't worry; Explosives are still very powerful.
* Marksman Carbine and All-American removed from Grunt list.
* Battle Rifle and This Machine added to Grunt list.
* Mercenary's Grenade Rifle, Great Bear Grenade Rifle, and Red Victory Grenade Rifle added to Grunt list.
* Plasma Spaz now (also) increases attack rate with plasma weapons by 20%.
* Rad Absorption now decreases radiation 10x faster (was 1 per 20 seconds is now 1 per 2 seconds).
* In Shining Armor perk condition fixed to get the Attacker Weapon as EnergyWeapons.
* Stonewall DT bonus vs. Melee/Unarmed weapons increased from 5 to 10.
* Missing metal armors (NCR Salvaged Power Armor, Gecko-Backed, etc.) added to In Shining Armor list.
* Composite Recon Armor removed from In Shining Armor list.
* Loneseome Road metal armors and helmets (e.g. Armor of the 87th Tribe, Marked Beast helmets) added to In Shining Armor lists.
* Elijah's Last Words Attack Speed bonus replaced with 25% damage bonus and extended to Unarmed weapons. Condition set up properly.
* Elijah's Ramblings Melee Weapons critical hit bonus dropped to 25%
* Roughin' It Bedroll Kit weight dropped from 15 to 10
* Blood Sausage healing effect dropped from 5 points per second to 2 points per second.
* Blood Sausage and Black Blood Sausage marked as Food Items (affected by Survival and count toward Desert Survivalist).
* Thin and Thick Red Pastes marked as Food Items.
* Red Pastes and Blood Sausages VAL reduced to the 5-15 range as an economy-preserving measure.  All now Restore Starvation in Hardcore.
* Them's Good Eatin' drop rate lowered from 50% to 15%.
* Implant GRX daily uses dropped from 5 to 2 and 10 to 3 for each rank, respectively.

* Logan's Loophole updated to max out at 21 (was 20) since someone pointed out that the age limit in the book was 21 (30 in the film and original perk).
* Meltdown now only triggers from plasma weapon kills (anything affected by Plasma Spaz). This was previously an undocumented change (sorry).
* Cass's Caravan Shotgun spread reduced and DAM/Crit DAM increased significantly (due to her relatively late acquisition in the game).


Anonymous said...

There seems to be no change to iMaxCharacterLevel in either v2 or v3, so the game doesn't cap out until level 50.

Anonymous said...

Thank you based Sawyer.

Also I loved HH.

Stay classy.

Anonymous said...

With your mod, wearing power armor doesn't change the holster and other animations :/

Julveyo said...

Hey, chief.
The Mod have problem with levelcap.
It was keeping 35lvl until I've not started the show at Sierra Madre (+1800xp). Such huge amount of xp blown the limitation and my char start to grow after that (41 l now).

Please check your levelcap limitation properly.


DreamCaramel said...

Stimpak's healing power has decreased, but Auto-injected stimpak hasn't. So does Auto-injected super stimpak. Is this intended?

Anonymous said...

Great mod...i have just one question, if i will use it and the newer verion arrive, will i need to start playing from the scratch or just upgrade and go on? :) (sorry for lame english)

Jeoshua said...

A little feedback for V4.

The Stimpacks are priced wrong:
Expired - 75 caps
Homemade - 50 caps
Standard - 25 caps.

It (probably) should be:
Expired - 25 caps
Homemade - 50 caps
Standard - 75 caps

Unless those expired stims are just crazy wacko and get you super high and feelin all good and stuff... which they don't.

I'd give you real feedback but it's not like I have contact information here.

Also, installing this mod halfway through the game, if you know how to use FNVEdit to rectify any problems, it actually quite doable and does NOT cause your game to crash, despite the warning. I'm already in Dead Money, installed it, and have had 0 problems with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey josh, you are seriously the greatest dev I have seen to continue fixing and improving your game long after it has been finished, I sincerely thank you for this! But I had a question, I noticed you basically doubled health of plasma weapons and doubled speed of projectiles, and then the plasma spaz perk increases speed by another 20%, don't you think plasma is overpowered now?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I hadn't heard of this before. It's pretty much exactly what I've wanted the game to be like, more challenging and more of that "survival" feel. I'll definitely be downloading this the first chance I get tonight.

Anonymous said...

Quick question. What files should be checked(DLC, master, etc) if I'm using FOMM and what should be the load order? I'm not using any other mods except this one.


J.E. Sawyer said...

The core FalloutNV.esm and all DLC .esms, including GRA and CS, need to be checked. JSawyer.esp needs load after all of those.

J.E. Sawyer said...

I do not think plasma weapons are *over*powered, but they are very powerful. They're also more expensive, and most bullets will still travel faster than even accelerated plasma.

J.E. Sawyer said...

Regular Stim pricing in the mod is set to 75; if it says otherwise, there may be some conflict occurring with another .esp.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks for the load order info and what to check. Can't wait to try this out, I always wanted the newer Fallout games to be more about difficulty and survival. Just like how the apocalypse would be!

Robert P. said...

Thank you. I played about 50h and i still love it. Great work! Cant wait till v4. :)

Anonymous said...

I was reading through the patch history, and it said that the threshold for starvation sickness was moved up to 400. However, in my game, I would still receive it at 200.

Was that removed, or is this a problem?

Ancestral Ghost said...

Hello Mr Sawyer,

We found a good solution for doing a patch compatible with all DLC combinations in our french unofficial patch.

We have some .esms like this :
FixesForFalloutNV.esm (Masters = FalloutNV.esm)
FixesForDeadmoney.esm (Masters = FalloutNV.esm, DeadMoney.esm, FixesForFalloutNV.esm)
FixesForHonestHearts.esm (Masters = FalloutNV.esm, HonestHearts.esm, FixesForFalloutNV.esm)
CompatibilityFixesDeadMoneyHonestHearts.esm (Masters = FalloutNV.esm, HonestHearts.esm, DeadMoney.esm, FixesForFalloutNV.esm, FixesForDeadmoney.esm, FixesForHonestHearts.esm)

This work good, and with this we can doing CrossDLCs fixes even for people with some missing DLC.

Thanks and good work for your mod and also for FNV.

Soyweiser said...

I have had the pre-order pack items disappear from chets store after I left the first time. I think it has been mentioned before.

One small thing that I noted and which I thought was a bit strange was that the inn vendor in goodsprings jumps towards pretty high reputation very quickly, if you do the tutorial quest and safe the goodsprings settler, and fix the radio, you already get 0.9 cap for a 1 cap item. Even at very low barter.

Anonymous said...

Hey J.E.,
you should modify the Juryrigging Perk so that it discriminates between low condition weapons, and weapons that are unique, modded, or fully repaired

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this mod with the community Mr. Sawyer.
With the v2 of your mod however, I found some weeks ago, it was impossible to start the quest "You'll know it when it happens", player would just stay in the position blocked, couldn't open pipboy or anything and had to load a previous savegame. I couldn't get past that. I want to remark that the only mod I had was yours, and I have all the content and DLC as the readme say, so there may be an error there.
In any case I dounloaded the v3 and started a new playthrough, let see how it goes
Again, thank you for your work

Anonymous said...

I will use this mod on my next play through. So awesome.

Dudeman325 said...

Just wanted to say my spiel here, then I'll ramble on...

When I heard about this mod, I hadn't played New Vegas in a while (before any DLC), and always unmodded, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. Soon I was downloading a bunch of mods, and having a blast with the game all over again. Then I opened up the GECK for the first time.

Wow! Here is a tool that is fairly easy to use (besides some hurdles I have with scripting) that allows me to not only change the game as I like, but share my vision with others!

I live a fairly sedentary life in a remote part of Northern California. All my friends live over 100 miles away, so I rarely see them except on Facebook. But here, now I have a method to reach out and connect with like-minded peers over a medium that I truly enjoy.

Thank you, Mr. Sawyer, for being the Kevin Bacon in my Multiple Degrees of Joy.

Anonymous said...

Yup, dlc packs dissapear from Chet store, I wonder if there was a fix for that

AstroCat said...

Looking for advice: First FNV+DLC play through.

Thinking to use this bugfix mod:

Mission Mojave - Ultimate Edition

and then loading your V3 afterwards, played in Hardcore mode. But, since it is my first and probably only play through, should I wait till V4 of your mod or any other advice?

I am a "old school" RP/Explorer (not min/max'er) player who loved the first 2 Fallout games the best but still had fun with FO3 (no mods or DLC). Thanks!

Anonymous said...


This mod looks awesome, but I had a problem with it and wondered if anyone had the same.

I started a new game, thinking about rolling an Energy Weapons expert. No problems, just need a few tweaks to my original build, and let's go!

Then, I take the laser pistol I got from tagging Energy Weapons, tried to shoot the raven, and... Nothing. I can't shoot with the laser pistol. Try to punch, then use the 9 mm submachine gun, no problem with them. Of the few beginning weapons I tested, only the laser pistol doesn't fire.

Thank you in advance if anyone can reproduce the problem and confirm it's not just me.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I fixed the bug by doing an uninstall/reinstall procedure, typical reaction for a longtime gamer. Now all my weapons work. Sorry to have bothered.

Jedia Kyrol said...

It's probably pointless to post this now after all this time, but the way you handle the Pre-order items and your unique armors with a run-once script gives them a good chance of disappearing forever when Chet and the other merchants reload their inventories after a few game days. (after scrounging everything not nailed down in goodsprings I had finally gotten enough money to buy my precious shotgun...and it was gone!) I would suggest (and I implemented myself) placing them in a secondary merchant container for Chet set to not respawn.

Anonymous said...

Please fix the power armor holstering and other animations, it looks so weird to have your weapon clipping through the back D:

Anonymous said...

Hi, any chance you'll be removing the skill checks in dialogues? thus getting rid of potential "win" buttons.

There's a mod that does this, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with yours.

Lovin the mod so far!

Anonymous said...

Ignore my above comment, this wasn't a problem at all.

Boogie-pingas said...

Just to be sure, this includes all previous versions, right?

Also, any word on when V4 is coming out?

Thanks for your work.

Boogie-pingas said...

Forgot to ask, anyone has a fix for the power armor animations?

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