Tuesday, May 15, 2012

JSawyer.esp - v4

Yeah, I don't have a good excuse for why it took me this long to update the JSawyer mod.  But the battle.net outage gave me a nice chunk of time to fix up a few things.  Updating the mod should not conflict with your current save games, but what do I know?

As always, it is located here:


v4 Changes:
* Added regular Hatchet to I Never Axed For This challenge + perk.
* Fixed critical hit chance on Certified Tech perk.
* Tin Cans and Bent Tin Cans weight from 1.0 to 0.1.

* Tribal Pack items moved to a *~ Secret Location ~* (see End of Document)
* Caravan Pack items moved to a *~ Secret Location ~*
* Old CS scripts adding items to Chet's invetory have had those lines commented out.
* New (single) message indicates items are placed around the Mojave Wasteland.
* I Never Axed For This challenge and perk added.

* Classic Pack items moved to a *~ Secret Location ~*
* Mercenary Pack items moved to a *~ Secret Location ~*

* Level cap properly set to 15, adjusts up to 35 with all DLC.  This was stealth fixed for v3 a day after launch, but there you go.
* Auto-Inject Stimpaks and Super Stimpaks set to match Stimpak / Super Stim healing rates.
* Expired Stimpak set to 50 VAL from 75.
* Set the Roughin' It! Bedroll Kit ingestible to 10 lbs. from 15.


Alex said...

This looks great, and I'm contemplating re-starting to play according to the "true" intent of the game so to speak. One question though, which difficulty is this mod balanced for? Obviously hardcore mode, but which difficulty? I usually play on Hard or Very Hard because the game is so easy, but with this mod it seems it could get a bit frustrating. What would you recommend?

J.E. Sawyer said...

Try standard or Hard.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the author, but...

In my experience the mod is very much playable on very hard difficulty, but if anything slightly threatening so much as looks at you, you're dead. That's not to say that it's all bad, as it emphasizes the importance of tactics and cover. Skirmishing with ranged enemies mid-to-close-range in the open while wearing light armor is right out.

As for the really difficult parts, like Old World Blues and Lonesome Road, I would recommend toning the difficulty down. Just getting around in OWB on very hard required constant quicksaving and reloading, though I admit I was playing a low-leveled melee character without any of the good melee perks.

Felspawn said...

I've been playing on Hard and its been a challenge, but it a good way. though i am a littler nerveous about how it'll go once i stop fighting raiders and start fighting deathclaws. I doubt i'd try it on very hard.

Paromlin said...


Could you please make a little (standalone) mod that makes no enemies/items/plants respawn?

Also, I'd love to play this with turn based combat.. if someone could mod that in based on creature's AP - it would be amazing.

Oh, and, no level scaling for the critical path would be good too. :)

Colby Anger said...

I've been playing with this mod combined with FOOK on Very Hard recently and it's quite a trip. The feel of the game is entirely different from when I first played through the game using no mods at all when it first came out.

The Very Hard difficulty lives up to its name with Sawyer's mod in place, but it's doable (and FUN!), especially if you're already very familiar with how combat works from prior play-throughs. I've got to say though, it was a huge surprise the first time I faced anything more dangerous than a basic raider and/or gecko.

I made the mistake of getting on the bad side of the Legion at Nipton (I LOVE Vulpes Inculta, but I almost always seem to find myself fighting him right off the bat at Nipton regardless of the type of character I'm trying to play) and had two Legion Assassin teams intercept me before I could even make it to Novac. The hunting rifle equipped Legion assassins were killing me in one shot and the hit team leader usually had a chainsaw. Regardless, I was able to take out the teams through proper tactics and luck, but it's great fun to finally be able to face opponents where I feel like my character is on more even ground.

That, and the changes to the character carrying capacity and the weight of items makes me FINALLY feel like I have to make real choices as to what gear and weapons I carry around! Great job on this one, J.E.!

antenman said...
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WDeranged said...

I played through recently on Very Hard with the mod and while it was difficult (some moments in the DLCs were utter torture) I never hit a brick wall, the whole experience was good fun.

I did end up installing a little mod that alters the Swift Learner perk to deduct XP, I felt the level cap looming a bit too early after playing all the DLCs.

Thanks for your dedication Josh.

Sanek said...

Hello Mr. Sawyer.
Could you please add That Gun to "The Professional" perk weapon list? I think that it's something important that was skipped by you and [whole] Obsidian.

Anonymous said...

Every version of this mod keeps getting better and better, keep up the good work!

The only problem I can find is that it still for some reason Dehydration and Starvation still activate at 200 instead of 400. Was this changed back at some point in development or is it a bug?

zozoramelu said...

1. Modified stats for non-playable&cut content armors(Ranger Battle Armor, Wand.Leather Outfit, Highway-Scar Armor etc)available ONLY console
2. Brotherhood&T51b Armors are no longer "Power" Armors although they are still called "Power Armors". Maybe a silly perk at lvl 2 "Early power Armor training" or else should do the trick nicely instead.
3.Scotch,Vodka,Whiskey(Irr.version also)hydrates me!! Hmmm...I tried to hydrate myself(for real!) with shots of whiskey but I ended up drinking some water after...My tongue&voice had become one of Desmond's (Point Lookout).
4. Bent&Tin Cans 1->0.1 weight. I never picked up a BentTinCan even in my n-th playthrough and TinCans are very abundant - so why bother stocking them? I prefer my beautiful perk Pack Rat instead (hard->hardcore).Nice job with Hoarder, very nice.
5. I prefer my suffix (GRA). Very annoying indeed to have 2 identical Laser pistols-one moddable and the other NOT but sometimes people want to see what they are paying for. The marketing Dept. should be crucified for that.AVE CAESAR, MORITVRI TE SALVTANT.
6. Idem for Courier's Stash. Although Wrecked Highwayman is one of your favorites A.the gamers want to see what they are paying for-right away B.the items in the Stash are SOOO lame that they become more than useless if they are placed elsewhere. Nice job though in boosting their stats.
They still remain useless. Thanks for Marketing Dept.for that. Again,your place is on the cross, in the Fort, next to Benny.I paid on Steam for nothing.
7.Another reason for 6. Light Touch and all the related perks. In this game, the gamers do NOT have a reliable Light Armor (except Leather Reinforced). You are effectively forced to use only ONE armor and finish HH to get you beautiful Joshua Armor if you are planning to use light armors. Gecko Armors are SOOO lame that I ended up pumping their stats, lowering their reqs. and changing the recipe (antivenom instead of Green Gecko hide) only to have few light armors available.
8. Sneak skill. You really LOVE to be sneaky. Sneak on Lwt Leather Armor(instead of AGI+1), lower your sneak on power armors, boost your sneak (5->25!!!) on all sneak-related armors, replace AGI-1 with some +Sneak, you got the idea. Ex.Instead of boosting the Sneak to 25 on Chinese Stealth Armor (the most beautiful and useless as it became in NV!!!) maybe an Stealth Effect added should do the trick. There HAS to be a needle for their titanium-alloy hides.Blasted Deathclaws and NightStalkers.Where is my Dart Gun??? Oh God, how MUCH I love my Paciencia!!! The S.P.Q.R granted 100 Aureii to the guy who created it.
9. Game settings. Lvl 30->15(!!!) and all the perks changes (50->24, 50->34). To reach some lvl.21 as it was in FO2. IT WAS. Now we have NV and Skyrim (ahem!). And want FO4 for real. And TES VI-Elsweyr with Khajiits set in some desert landscape with oriental-byzantine style architecture and sand-worms for bosses. And TES VII-Black Marsh with Argonians set in some swampland landscape with mayan-aztec style architecture and anacondas for bosses. And TES VIII-Hammerfell with Redguards set in some Samarkand-Genghis-Khan landscape with Big Feet as bosses. And alive Emperors. And dead Elven Counsellors or chiefs of their Varingian Guard. Long live the Dark Brotherhood.
Happy game developing.

Anonymous said...

Hi there

Firstly, let me say I'm loving your mod. I've been running it since v2 and couldn't go back to vanilla now.

Not sure if anyone has pointed this out, in Hell's Motel the mercenary pack grenade rifle is in place of the strudy caravan shotgun. Pretty sure this was not intentional.

Apart from that, ace work!

Unknown said...

Hi Mr. Sawyer, it's great to see someone is still working on improving New Vegas, given all the hype around Skyrim.

We've got a team together, been working on a large-scale DLC-attempt mod for Vegas for almost a year now, if you'd like to take a look?

We have an article in an online magazine called the Praetorian:


Also, here is my blog:


I'm going to release our version 1 on June 10th, if everything goes to plan. Hope you will check it out!

All the best,


Unknown said...

Apologies for cluttering your blog comments, but we've been having trouble with embedded weapons on new creature models. Any chance you could advise or point me to someone who could help?


The Janitor said...

I love the mod so far. It's actually been somewhat of a challenge this time.

I've only had a real problem when using the bigger weapons. Even with a Strength of 10, I still find myself over-encumbered when going for a heavy-weapons guy loadout.

But whatever. I love it.

Ancgh said...


In your Readme you say :
"I do not grant permission for this mod to be released from or hosted on any site other than diogenes-lamp.info."

But, if I want to translate it ?

Anonymous said...

..Has the power armor holstering issue been fixed? Cause seeing those weapons clipping through the back drives me crazy!

Anonymous said...

Has the power armor holstering issue been fixed? Cause seeing those weapons clipping through the back drives me crazy. D:

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this is intentional or if it's just taking a while, but Cliff's inventory in Novac doesn't seem to be cycling like it should. He seems to get a few different Misc and Ammo items every few ingame days but it doesn't appear that anything else is changing and he still has everything I've ever sold to him, including the Misc and Ammo items.

Any thoughts or input?

Anonymous said...

^ I should add to this that I think it did cycle once after the first time I visited him but I'm not sure since I don't think I sold him much at first.

Courier said...

Dehydration, Starvation, and Sleep Deprivation still activate at 200 because the game apparently ignores J.E. Sawyer's attempt to properly delete the predefined Dehydration (DEHY), Hunger (HUNG), and Sleep Deprivation (SLPD) stages and add his own.

Now you end up with triggers at 200, 400, 400, 550, 600, 700, 800, 850 (and of course death at 1000). This has the game possibly alerting you twice that your dehydration level has increased at H2O 400, with the first increase to Adv. Dehydration (due to the "deleted" original threshold that the game is still observing) and the second "increase" to Minor Dehydration (due to Sawyer's 400 threshold).

The only resolution I've found in my brief investigation was to simply override the first four stages for each need (e.g. for Water1 [DEHY:00161901] in jsawyer.esp, remove the "Deleted" flag, then change the Trigger Threshold from 200 to 400) and remove Sawyer's new triggers (unless you like to see two "increased" messages every time you cross a threshold). This requires a knowledge of something like FNVEdit (not sure if G.E.C.K. will let you do it this way) and the further caveat that you mangle jsawyer.esp at your own peril.

The HUD warnings still adhere to the every-200 thresholds (hardcoded in the executable, perhaps—I was unable to locate anything relevant in my G.E.C.K. flailing). This annoyed me until I realized that the subtle initial warning for H2O (definitely the one you'll see most often) is a good tickling in the throat that maybe you're wanting to find something to sip, and you've 8 (game) hours or 16⅔ (real time) minutes to quench your thirst or you'll start to suffer the consequences.

Convolution said...

" This requires a knowledge of something like FNVEdit (not sure if G.E.C.K. will let you do it this way)"

Trying to edit the dehydration stages in the G.E.C.K. consistently caused a crash. (This was on Windows 7 64-bit.) FNVEdit was pretty much the only way.

"The HUD warnings still adhere to the every-200 thresholds (hardcoded in the executable, perhaps—I was unable to locate anything relevant in my G.E.C.K. flailing)."

These can be modified in the G.E.C.K., the relevant gamesettings are fHCHalfAlphaTextThreshold, fHCFullAlphaTextThreshold, fHCRedTextThreshold, and fHCFlashTextThreshold. I only tested with dehydration, but I infer that they apply for hunger and sleep as well. This means that whatever you set the four stages to for dehydration/sleep/hunger, the values should be the same across all of them for it visually display properly.

Courier said...

Convolution: "These can be modified in the G.E.C.K., the relevant gamesettings are fHCHalfAlphaTextThreshold, fHCFullAlphaTextThreshold, fHCRedTextThreshold, and fHCFlashTextThreshold. I only tested with dehydration, but I infer that they apply for hunger and sleep as well. This means that whatever you set the four stages to for dehydration/sleep/hunger, the values should be the same across all of them for it visually display properly."

Good catch! Except, unfortunately, they also govern the display of the RAD alert for radiation. So unless you're altering the first four stages for radiation to match the same values being used for the dehydration/starvation/sleep deprivation stages, you're going to be left with imprecise notification on the HUD of your RAD sickness stage.

If you opt to balance the radiation stages to be in line with dehydration et al (e.g. 400, 550, 700, 850 to match the dehydration/starvation/sleep deprivation stages introduced in jsawyer.esp), you're giving your character a pass to get more glowy before it matters. (You can of course fuss around with other variables like fRadiationAccumulationRate or otherwise try to make radiation intake a little more severe, I suppose. I wouldn't know the best approach.)

Anonymous said...

In Hell's Motel you placed the Mercenary Grenade Rifle instead of Sturdy caravan shotgun

J.E. Sawyer said...

Yep. I've fixed that error for v5. Thanks.

David B. said...

Are you aware of the dehydration/food bug where it still kicks in at 200 instead of 400? I was thinking of learning how to edit the files myself but if you're fixing it I'll wait for v5 to play more. FWIW, the changes with your mod convinced me to buy all the DLC just so I could use it, since I loved NV but it was so ridiculously easy that I never felt compelled to get the DLC before now. Making a game challenging = more fun = more $$$ from me.

zozoramelu said...

1.Why using DF8 script instead of placing unique items directly in 05000976/979/97D/984/985 containers? Same for 138561 and 165AEB lists (cowboy and the professional) as you did with 16578A (shotgun surgeon list) or...
2....158194 Bloodborne Cave, Placed Item 179376 Hunting Revolver->Reilly's Battle Armor, Placed Item 179390 Pistol 12.7mm->Reilly's Battle Helmet. Reilly died there, fighting Legendary Night Stalker.
3.You created Recipe Tin Can,Bent->Tin Can but for .45 Auto (Junk) you still use Tin Cans,Bent.
4.Junk Rounds Ammo. Maybe a kind of surplus ammo with increased damage - to make the perk more attractive.
5.Ninja,Slayer,Unstoppable Force,Super Slam - you added the 3rd effect which is confusing because when you take a perk only 2 conditions are displayed.Moreover, they are very high demanding perks (STR 7, Melee 90, Unarmed 90) for very high level characters (40-45). As you decreased Max Level, you do not have enough levels available to increase related skills.
6.Lady Killer perk. Wpn Dmg 1.10->1.15. Hehe.
7.You cut ghoul karma, 908FA decreased, the easiest source of getting good karma for a "stealer" player.
8.Just Lucky I Am Alive perk bugged (vanilla). Ability without SPEL for increasing Luck +4/180s.
9.Hydration effect on spirits (vodka, scotch, tequila, whiskey etc.)?
10.Hydration effect bugged logic (vanilla) on Water,Purified and Water,Dirty when having Camel of the Mojave perk.Maybe 50 Hyd if perk=0 and 57 Hyd if perk=1 for much clearer effect. Same with Rad Away (also bugged logic) when having Free Radical Perk.
11a.Blood Sausage, Blood Sausage,Black, Thin Red paste, Thick Red Paste bugged (vanilla). The Increased Health effect stacks with Restore Health effect instead of adding HP.As such, you have an whopping Restore Health effect of 19HP/30s (Thin Red Paste) and even bigger with higher Survival skill. For a cleaner effect Increased Health should be eliminated.
11b. Although you Flag them as Food the ETYP is still Chems.

Happy Fallout 4 Project Managing.