Saturday, September 29, 2012

JSawyer.esp - v5

An updated version of JSawyer is now uploaded in the usual place:

I have been unable to load the mod in FNVEdit to adjust the Dehydration/Starvation/Sleep Deprivation values, but here is the small list of changes since last time:

v5 Changes:
* That Gun added to The Professional list
* Wanderer's Leather and Highway Scar Armor placed in Mick and Cliff's stores respectively.
* Ranger Battle Armor renamed to Lucky Battle Armor.  Stats adjusted, Reilly's Rangers decals removed.  Placed in Cliff's Store.
* Has Backpack flag checked on Power Armors.
* Bent Tin Can = Tin Can! recipe added.  It turns Bent Tin Cans into Tin Cans!!!!  WOW!!!!

* All primary quest XP in DLCs reduced by 66%.  Edits were made in the quest scripts.

* Replaced accidental secondary placement of duplicate Mercenary's Grenade Rifle with the Sturdy Caravan Shotgun.
* Fire Axe and Knock Knock added to Never Axed For This challenge weapon list.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your continued updates; that's really cool.


Anonymous said...

Is there some way I can experience this mod on the Xbox? It seems like a real challenge I'd like to try.

Shindigs said...

Is the power armor holster fixed?

the inner fish said...

Is the power armor holster fixed?